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"Your one & only guide to feeder crickets freedom"
"Your eBook has helped me to breed my own feeder crickets for my lizards, cheaply and easily.
Thank you very much." - Rynhard Richards

Feeder Cricket Secrets Revealed...
...and the things that nobody ever tells you on the internet!
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- All the basics you need to keep & culture your own healthy feeder crickets -

Dear Reader,

They say that only two things in life is certain, death and taxes. Well I can guarantee you that if you own a pet Bearded dragon or any other insectivorous lizard, it is also a certainty that you're going to pay large amounts of money to buy feeder crickets.

A few years back I was stuck in the same situation you are probably in right now. I had a few Bearded dragon adults and babies and the prices of commercial crickets were killing me. Worst of all, even though the prices were ridiculous, feeder crickets were not even always available. You sometimes had to wait a few days for new or fresh stock to arrive! What do you do in the meantime? I know what it is like to have hungry little mouths to feed. Another common problem with commercial crickets are that you often buy or receive a tub and most of the crickets are dead or that they don't have the right sizes available! A lot of the time you get to the pet store and find a supposedly small tub with medium crickets.

Sounds familiar?!

It sure does doesn't it? I've since come up with a solution. I've done various research from almost impossible to get hold of literature and various internet sources.

This was however not without its own hassles. I'm sure you've read a lot of internet pages telling you everything on breeding crickets. I've tried them all, even commercial feeder cricket related books - their methods simply do not work. There was always that one thing missing between the breeding crickets and feedable offspring. So the quest went on. One day, after months spending talking to various people I got the one simple ingredient, the secret to successful cricket breeding!

That is what I want to share with you today - my solution, Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects. This eBook is your one and only guide to successful cricket breeding and cheap crickets!


Cricket Breeding eBook 

Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects contains everything you need to know to save money and breed your own cheap crickets as feeder insects. The current edition is mainly aimed at those of you who need food for one to a few lizards and will show you how to culture crickets on a non-commercial scale. Due to the current gap in the feeder cricket market and need, I've also included a lot of basic principles for the commercial breeding of crickets. Topics such as cricket breeding (step-by-step), cricket feeding, cricket dusting and gut loading, temperature regulation, economics and biology is discussed in full, but easy to understand details. The book also contains two easy-preparable dry cricket gut loading recipes and a easy to prepare maintenance recipe for optimum cricket health and breeding.

Due to the popular demand this eBook is already in its third edition. Feedback from previous clients implemented a few changes that made an overall improvement and an even better reason to have this eBook.

Author Renier Delport

Format: A4 eBook (Electronic Book PDF-format)
Pages: 21
30 Full-colour Photos & 2 Illustrations
Average customer rating:

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Keeping & Breeding Crickets is written to cater mainly for the novice, but also the experienced cricket breeder. Some more important topics that are discussed in much detail includes the following: 

Table Of Contents 1
Conversions & Abbreviations 2
Foreword 3
Introduction 4
What Type Of Crickets & Why 5
Basic Cricket Biology 7
Cricket Classification 7
Cricket Zoology 7
Basic Cricket Identification 7
Cricket Life Stages 7
Cricket Natural Environment 8
Cricket Life Cycle 8
Molting & Exoskeletons 8
Before Starting To Keep & Breed Crickets 10
The Basic Keeping Of Crickets 11
The Basic Breeding Of Crickets 15

Basic Small Scale Cricket Breeding 15
Larger Scale Cricket Breeding 17
All-in-all-out Systems 18
Temperature Regulation 20
Thermokinetic Physics 20
Cricket Breeding Stats & Facts 22
Basic Marketing & Economics 23
Feeding Crickets To Bearded Dragons 29
Cricket Gut Loading 29
Cricket Gut Loading Recipe 1 29
Cricket Gut Loading Recipe 2 29
Dusting Crickets 30
Glossary 33


"It is unnecessary for pet lizard keepers to pay unnecessary high prices for crickets if the only thing that stands in the way of breeding their own is in fact, knowledge. The main objective with this eBook is to make lizard keeping more affordable and accessible (especially in South Africa). It is impossible to keep for example the very popular pet Bearded dragon in areas where there is no food or where it is merely impossible to get hold off. The price you pay for this eBook is simply not comparable to the initial costs of trial and error cricket breeding methods. This eBook will also save you a lot of money in buying crickets as food.

Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects is not only intended for people interested in commercial cricket breeding, but mainly for those who only wants to feed their private pet lizard collection. There are a lot of resources out there on the topic of cricket breeding, especially on the internet, but none of them explains the process in  full details (step-by-step), sometimes needed for the final touch. Some people claim that the process is easy, but more than one came back to me to get "the secret". It is actually not a secret, but it is becoming a science. This eBook is based on the authors own breeding experience and methods. You don't need a lot of space to breed your own crickets. What is more is that the input costs for increasing cricket production will rise according to production and is not fixed, meaning that you can breed according to need, and not to cover initial costs.

Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects is your guarantee to successful cricket breeding!"


But hey, cheap crickets does not mean poor quality - we cover the second most important aspect about cricket breeding

  • What to feed your feeder crickets

  • The cheapest way to feed breeder crickets

  • What to feed crickets before feeding them to lizards

As you can see, this eBook will also show you the optimal food for keeping and breeding crickets AND for feeder crickets. Yes, we've included a few bulk food recipes and two cricket gut loading recipes.

So what else does Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects offers me you ask? - most of all, we cover the most important aspect about cricket breeding

Well first of all, you are probably here on the quest to obtain cheap crickets as feeders insects. As discussed earlier, this eBook will show you just that - how to breed your own cheap crickets. In other words the things you need to know for successful cricket breeding. Some more frequently asked questions that are discussed in much detail includes the following:

What You Should Know Before Breeding Crickets

  • What can you expect from cricket breeding?

  • Is it easy to breed crickets?

  • What is the space requirements for breeding feeder crickets?

What Crickets You Should Be Breeding With

  • What is the easiest crickets to breed with?

  • What should you look for before buying your cricket breeding stock?

  • Where should I buy breeding crickets from?

Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects will show you an easy, fail proof way to breed with crickets
"The things a successful cricket breeder should know ..."


"... and the internet and other successful cricket breeders will never share with you"

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Why To Breed Your Own Crickets:

  • You are less dependant on other breeders/pet shops for crickets

  • It is far (and I mean FAR) less expensive than to buy crickets

  • There is no more buying of dead crickets

  • You breed the size of crickets you need

  • You determine the quality of cricket you want

  • It is educational and gives you better perspective and knowledge on the overall keeping of your Bearded dragon


What About YOUR Feedback?

I love to get feedback from current clients. Your question or contribution can make this manual even better for other small scale cricket breeders out there. If there is anything you don't understand or want to comment on, send me an email. I always get back to each and every email, you can hold me to my word.

Keeping and breeding crickets as feeder insects is written in a easy-to-follow, easy to understand plain English. It is intended to be easy and fun to read.

 What do you expect to pay for the most valuable Cricket Breeding related piece of literature you'll come across?

Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects is currently available for a mere $29.99 (regular price U$33.99)

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Here's even more reasons why you should invest in this very exclusive offer!


 Reason #1
 Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects is only sold in electronic format (eBook)

What makes this so great you ask?

Apart from being available on this website only, this also means that the book will be available for download within seconds after the purchase is complete. What is more is that it can be easily stored on a computer, CD/DVD, memory stick, iPod, PSP or any other electronic storage device for easy transport. It also means that the order process is automated - you can literally be reading the full content with no hassles within the next 4 minutes!

 Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects is now ready-to-read on the
 Kindle DX! See the download page for full instructions to transfer
 directly to this device.


The Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects
is produced & distributed as an Electronic Book (eBook) in simple PDF-format. Anyone can view and print PDF-files by downloading Adobe® Reader®. Click here to download Adobe® Reader® for free
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Click here to see if your PC / Mac is PDF compatible


 Reason #2
 Positive Feedback & High Standard Rating

The proof is in the pudding right? What do current customers have to say about Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects? Up to date we only had positive feedback regarding the contents of the book. This is just some of the comments they left:

"I finally got my cricket colony going. Your eBook showed me all I ever needed to know. Thanks" - Carla, GT, South Africa


My pin heads are here! - Deke, Canada


This eBook makes Cricket Breeding easy and affordable, me and my Bearded dragon is loving it! - John, USA


 Reason #3
Money Back Guarantee

Because we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our product, we offer a SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Yes, that's right, we want you to be the best cricket breeder you can be, so let us know if you are not 100% satisfied with Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects and we will refund the purchase price in full.

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What is a resource like this worth to YOU?

Cheap crickets will save you tons of money. When I first launched this eBook I realised that you can't really put a price to this kind of information. In fact, in South Africa, you will easily pay half the price of this book for less than a months supply of crickets for two adult Bearded dragons. Yes, you will reach a break even point within the first three months after your cricket colony is established. Another thing is, if you had to collect  and test the information in this eBook yourself, how much time and effort would it be? Keeping and breeding crickets as feeder insects is your one-stop solution, your all-in-one manuscript. This all in one fast downloadable, easy readable document. Remember this manual is not only the result of years of research, but also years of personal experience and mistakes. You can have all this feeder cricket info in under 5 minutes!

If you are interested, good for you! Remember, under five minutes!!


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Weather you are doing research before breeding with feeder crickets or are already breeding your own one and are curious to find out more, this eBook is for you!

Thank you for reading my letter. If you did not already do so (and I'm sure you did), go on, do yourself and your reptile friend a huge favour by buying Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects. He / she will love you for it!


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